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Our Story

We are dedicated to turning every rescue story into a happy tail!

K9Crusaders was founded in 2013, a year after the loss of my beloved dog, TJ.


It was the most profound loss of my life at that point and I could not seem to work through my grief. Friends and family would tell me how lucky TJ had been to have spent his whole life in our home, so dearly loved and never knowing the pain of being mistreated or discarded.

This got me thinking about all the dogs out there who were not so lucky, the ones who were abandoned in pounds and shelters, and I knew just how I wanted to honour my sweet boy's legacy.

Soon after, I began to channel my heartache into the creation of K9Crusaders, and now we work every day to save as many lives as possible in TJ's honour, and to give every dog the happy furever after they all deserve.

- Jodi Lane, Founder

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