Become an important part of our rescue.  
We are here to help you every step of the way. 

Foster homes are the difference between life
and death to an animal in need.


One of the most important and rewarding jobs that a volunteer can do is to serve as a foster home for an animal before he or she is placed in a forever home. K9 Crusaders does not have a shelter facility;  therefore, we rely solely on volunteer foster parents to care for our rescued animals. We can only accept fosters residing within the boundaries of Durham to Belleville and north to Peterborough. 

Becoming a foster parent can sometimes be challenging, but it’s always rewarding!


K9 Crusaders will provide:

  • Medical care and vet appointments

  • Food/treats

  • Bedding (including crate)

  • Grooming

  • Training (if neccessary)


*Please note: For the safety or our rescues, in order to be approved as a foster, in most cases you must have a fully fenced yard. We do make exceptions for dogs that are not flight risks or for those with special needs (i.e. seniors or mobility issues).


With the support and help of other volunteers and experienced foster homes, you will be helping to save the life of an animal in need.

Fostering FAQ

How do I know if I qualify to be a foster parent?

If you love animals and can provide sufficient space and quality time with a foster pet, then you are on the right track to becoming a foster. Finding a perfect foster match is very important to K9 Crusaders because we want to always set our rescues up for success. By getting to know foster families better, we can help to choose the foster dog or cat that best suits your family. Foster animals come from all walks of life, some with known history, but many without. As is our goal with our adoption process, we want to work with our foster families to ensure that their experience as a foster is one that proves to be rewarding.

How do I apply to become a foster?

First, fill out this application form.


What if I already have a dog?

If your current dog is up to date on vaccinations, friendly and well socialized, it shouldn’t be a problem. It often even helps to have another dog for your foster dog to socialize with. However, we want to ensure that the rescue animal and your animal(s) are completely comfortable and safe throughout. We will be there each step of the way to help you introduce the new animal. It is a priority of ours to match an animal with the best suitable foster home based on the each animals' needs.


Why do I need a fenced yard?

Although we understand you can provide excellent love and care to an animal in need without a fenced yard, in most cases it is a requirement for K9C. Many of our rescue animals don't understand recalls, so if they got out by accident it is nearly impossible to get them back, especially if they are at "flight-risk" or very nervous. Unfortunately, we have experienced too many accidents that have put our animals in danger. We want to provide the best care and safety for all of our animals, so a fenced yard in most cases is a requirement for us to ensure we do everything possible for our pets' safety. We do occasionally make exceptions for dogs whom we deem to not be a flight risk, or those whom are seniors or have mobility issues.

How quickly will I get a foster dog?

It depends. We recieve notifications daily about dogs that are available to rescue from shelters, so it could happen as quickly as a couple of days after approval or as long as a few weeks.

Are the animals vetted/groomed before or after I get them?

In many cases, we pull animals from shelters because it is an immediate emergency. We try our best to have the animal groomed and vetted before it goes to a foster, but sometimes that is not possible. If we cannot have the animal groomed and vetted before coming to you house, it will definitely happen shortly after receiving your foster dog.

How much of the expenses are covered by K9 Crusaders?

100% of the expenses are covered by K9 Crusaders, including medical care, food and treats, collars and leashes, bedding, grooming and sometimes training, however many of our fosters wish to provide these things to help support K9 Crusaders further.

How do I attain the supplies (food, treats, etc)?

In most cases we arrange pick up at a mutually convenient location, but f that is not possible, you can buy necessary supplies and submit the receipts to us for reimbursement. However, we MUST approve all supplies and food BEFORE they are purchased.


How long will I be expected to foster?

Although we can not predict a specific time period for each foster, we do ask that you are prepared to foster for AT LEAST 4-6 weeks, as this gives us plenty of time to complete necessary vetting and assess the animals' behaviour and characteristics.


What other duties do I have as a foster parent?

Other than providing a loving foster home and doing some basic training with your foster dog, you are asked to transport your foster to any vet or grooming appointments as well as  K9 Crusaders adoption events. The foster dog tends to do much better when his or her foster mom or dad brings them. Also, it is a great experience to talk with people who may be interested in adopting your foster dog. You are able to share stories, personality traits and silly quirks about the animal to potential adopters. You will also be asked to complete an easy, online foster evaluation form a short time after you begin fostering, and we may review some applications with you to have your input, since you will know your foster dog best!

What if I want to adopt my foster animal?

We have had many foster families fall in love with the animals and decide to adopt them. We ask that you make this decision within two weeks of receiving your animal, otherwise, other applications will also be considered.


What if I struggle to say goodbye?

It is important to understand that when you become a foster family, you are opening your home to animals in a shelter who are at risk of euthanasia. So as much as is may be difficult to say goodbye, you are now opening a space in your home to save another animal. Becomeing a foster can be challenging sometimes, but it is always rewarding to see how your family has given an animal a second chance and changed their life forever.