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Foster a Dog, Save a Life

K9Crusaders does not have a shelter facility. We rely solely on volunteer foster parents to care for our rescued animals in their homes.

Fostering can sometimes be challenging, but it is always rewarding and we are here to support you every step
of the way!

Become a K9Crusaders Foster

Currently accepting fosters residing within the boundaries of Durham to Belleville and north to Peterborough*. 

The foundation of K9Crusaders is the volunteers that open their homes to our rescue dogs, providing a soft landing before they are placed in a furever home. With the support of other volunteers and experienced fosters, you will be helping to save the life of an animal in need.


As each dog begins to relax and show its personality, you will learn about their behaviour, likes and dislikes so we can provide a potential adopter with a full profile and eventually make the perfect match!

K9Crusaders provides:

  • Medical care and vetting

  • Food/treats

  • Bedding (including crate)

  • Grooming

  • Training (if necessary)

*Please note: for the safety or our rescues you must have a fully fenced yard. Exceptions may be made for dogs that are not flight risks or for those with special needs (i.e. seniors or mobility issues).

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