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"If I don't, who will? Where is that puppy mill dog going to go when they've been used up for breeding and the option is shoot them or give them to rescue?


How is that terrified dog in the pound that hides in the corner and bares his teeth whenever anyone comes around going to be relaxed enough for someone to see his true personality? And what about that achy, old slow girl that still has a year or two left to enjoy her life?


The family that she had dedicated her life to is too busy to tend to her needs so they are talking about putting her to sleep.


They ALL deserve better than they have gotten. That's why I foster, to help those dogs, to make that difference to those dogs. To make sure that whatever the rest of their lives hold, they will be full of love and people that will never, ever let them suffer."

Kailin, K9 Crusaders Foster

"Fostering can be heartbreaking, especially when a dog comes into your home broken. But when I see a peaceful sleep, a wagging tail or get an unexpected kiss, it makes it all worthwhile.


Whether I get to see them thrive and move on to a happy home or stay and have their best last month or years, the rewards are endless."


Patricia, K9 Crusaders Foster

"Being a foster mom has completely changed my life. It makes my soul happy and I no longer feel that my life is about going to work, just to come home to sleep and do it all over again
the next day. 


Seeing a dog who is terrified of people begin to trust and love you is the most unbelievable experience, and I argue that it is one that only a foster parent can experience. Don’t get me wrong - some days will absolutely try your patience and you will question everything, but the next day is always better and they show you how grateful they are.


I have always had dogs in my family, but nothing compares to saving a life. These dogs who come to us are literally days away from dying, in many cases. Without our foster families, those lives would be lost forever."

Amanda, K9 Crusaders Foster
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