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Meet Pal!

1 Year-Old ~ Yorkie/Poodle

This young dog is looking for a quiet home. His ideal match would be an active single person who is not away from home for extended periods of time. 

Pal loves human companionship, but it does take him some time to trust and warm up to any kind of physical touch. Loud noises also tend to stress him out, and this is why a quiet environment but active lifestyle is ideal for Pal. He would also benefit greatly from having a non-dominant, social dog in his home who can match his playful energy, but also help him to build confidence and feel safe.

If you are looking for a walking companion, look no further than Pal! He loves adventures and will have his nose to the ground the entire time! Any walk that allows him the opportunity to dip his toe beans in water are his favourite! A rural home in a quiet neighbourhood would be the best fit for this little guy, as he can be nervous and reactive around busy traffic. Walks are a very integral part of Pal's needs to stay in balance, and as a high energy/anxiety dog, Pal is currently on Trazadone and Fluoxetine twice a day to help him regulate his emotions and reactivity. These are supports that Pal will likely need for life, in combination with lots of activity to be at his best and to feel his best as well.

A fully fenced yard is an absolute must for Pal. Invisible or agricultural fencing (ie hedges) will not be suitable for him.

Pal is exceptionally clean and well-mannered in the home. He has no destructive behaviours, and is fully crate trained. Pal enjoys sharing toys while at play with another dog, but he has shown guarding tendencies with humans, so this will be something that has to be careully monitored.

We would not recommend Pal for a home with cats as he does like to chase and bark a them. We also feel that a kid-free environment is a must for Pal, and if his forever home has visitors, he should be crated as he could quickly become overwhelmed with a lot of noise and unusual activity.

Pal is currently eating a wet food diet, and he enjoys liver treats as well.  


The true way to Pal's heart is to allow him a lot of time and space to feel safe before expecting too much from him. While he does love to be loved, it seems like he may have experienced some trauma and is very unsure of new people. His adopter will need to understand that he will need time and patience to feel safe and build his confidence before he will show his softer side.

As a hypoallergenic, non-shedding dog, Pal will need regular grooms to keep his coat tidy and mat-free. Because of his sensitivity to touch, Pal currently needs to wear a soft muzzle while being groomed or examined at the vet but we have noticed some improvement in this area as he learns to trust humans.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, not first come first served.
Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, 
only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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