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Winnie ~ 5 Years ~ Yorkie/Shih Tzu 

Meet Winnie!  Behind her adorable face is a girl who would be happiest as a solo dog in her forever home. She can share space with other dogs, but she is possessive of her people, and would not enjoy sharing the spotlight. Additionally, her possessiveness extends to her food, toys and treats and the key to her success will be firm rules, boundaries and limits. She also requires time to build trust before initiating touch or physical contact. When she feels safe, she will initiate it, but does have some areas of sensitivity that will need to be respected.Winnie is indifferent to cats and could live with cats who respect her space.


At night, Winnie needs to sleep in her crate, and she is fully house trained, but has had a few "accidents" in her foster home. Her Foster Mum describes her as a sweet girl who hops when she is excited, and vocalizes her wants and needs. She will snuggle when she feels ready, and is a great walking companion on leash. She shows no signs of separation anxiety, and is well-mannered and non destructive in the home. As a non-shedding breed, it is important that Winnie have regular professional grooms to keep her coat tidy and mat-free.


Because of her need for personal space, we do not recommend Winnie for a family with children. Her forever family will need to understand the importance of limiting her access to toys, treats, beds and furniture to ensure her success. 

Successful applicants are chosen on a best-fit basis. Please note that ONLY applications completed through our web site at can be considered and due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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