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Willa ~ 7 Years ~ Miniature Poodle

Meet Willa! This girl has clearly come from a very difficult past. As a result, she is a dog who needs time to trust. She is very unsure of the world around her so she will need a quiet home with a patient family who will give her the time she needs to fully understand that she is safe.  We have found that having at least one other dog in the home will help her settle in and build confidence, and therefore we are looking for a family with another well-balanced canine that she will quickly bond with, and who's behavioural cues she will follow.

Willa has had one failed placement because she was showing signs of stress, and was pacing and nervous. While we felt that time was what she needed (as was the case in her foster home), the family found her behaviour upsetting, and therefore she was returned to our care. For her next placement, we will transition her slowly, starting with short visits to allow her an opportunity to become familiar with her new surroundings, however, it is important that adopters understand it will not be a quick and easy transition for her.

Due to the stress of acclimating to new surroundings, it is almost certain she will have potty accidents during her transition period. She will use pee pads, so we would recommend having these available until she has settled in. 

Because of her fearfulness, her leash skills are a work in progress. She is now going short distances, but once she gets too far from her familiar space, she may want to go back. We feel with time, she will gradually increase her capacity to walk further and longer, but it will take time and patience as with any and all new things she encounters. She enjoys yard time with other canine friends, so we do want to find a home with a fully fenced yard she can enjoy.

The long and short of it is that Willa has so much potential and given the chance, she can and will recover from her past traumas to become a cherished family member in a home that supports her through her healing journey. She can live with cats without issue, and would benefit from being in a home where she is not left alone for long periods of time. A retiree, or someone who works from home would suit her best.

As a hypoallergenic breed, Willa will require regular grooming to keep her coat fresh and mat-free.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served.  Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.  

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