Vickie ~ 6-8 Years Old ~ Yorkie Mix

Meet Vickie!


This sweet, gentle gal came to us as after being surrendered to a Quebec kill pound. While we didn't have much information on her, our best estimate is that she is between the age of 6- 8 years-old. She has lots of energy and enjoys the company of other dogs, so we do feel her ideal home would have another dog for her to befriend and play with. Shortly after she arrived, she went into heat, and was marking in her foster home. She has been nearly perfect with her housetraining recently, so this will need to be reinforced as she transitions into her forever home. 


Vickie has a cuddly and affectionate demeanor almost right away when meeting new people. She can be left on her own without worry of separation anxiety or destructive behaviour, and she enjoys sleeping snuggled up to her her human at night. 

Vickie absolutely loves going for walks. She does a lot of exploring with her nose, but a gentle tug on the leash easily redirects her attention and focus. She greets new dogs and humans she meets with a happy wagging tail, but isn't a fan of anything on wheels that may pass her by, and may be tempted to chase bikes, scooters or skateboards, but  has no interest in chasing cars. We feel she does need a secure fenced in yard (no invisible fencing please) to keep her safe and secure.


Currently Vickie enjoys two meals a day that consists of moistened kibble mixed with wet food and occasionally some added veggies, eggs or meat, with the odd treat throughout the day, and she shows no sign of guarding behaviour around her bowl, treats or toys.  She enjoys car rides, lounging in her yard, and has no problems sharing space with cats.


Her Foster Mom describes her as a perfect little dog who will make a wonderful addition to some very lucky family.