Timmy - 2 years old 

Two-year-old Timmy is looking for a forever home with a firm and confident handler who understands that he needs structure, boundaries and limitations to be at his very best. Without these, Timmy may become possessive, which has led to a bite in his past. To further explain, Timmy is happiest, and calmest when he has clear rules to follow such as not being allowed on furniture or laps, as this triggers in him the need to guard or protect these things. However, with properly enforced boundaries that do not allow him on beds, couches, laps, etc. he feels more confident and at ease as he understands what is expected of him. Timmy sleeps comfortably every night on his dog bed beside his foster mom, he does not need to be in bed with his humans to be happy. During the day, if his family is out of the house, he is a perfect gentleman and can roam loose without any signs of separation and anxiety or destructive behavior. He is completely housetrained, and when he needs to go out, he will let his humans know with a gentle paw at the door. Timmy can live happily with or without other dogs in the home, however due to his sensitivity to being touched in certain areas such as his rear end, tail and paws, we do not recommend him for a home with children. Timmy does have some anxiety that is well managed with low doses of Trazadone which helps to keep him in balance, and this should be continued until such time as a vet recommends something different. Timmy is a playful, happy dog, and he enjoys yard time with lots of toys and his favourite, the garden hose.  Timmy is very obedient and listens extremely well, he knows basic commands such as sit, stay, come and down. He does like to chew, so providing him with durable toys and bones helps keep him happy and stimulated. He can be a little unsure when meeting new people, and will remain standoffish until he feels comfortable, which should be respected. Once he knows he is safe, he will warm up and happily socialize with humans and fur friends. Timmy loves his walks, but again, needs a confident handler. If his handler is calm and relaxed, so is he. It is important to mention that in his foster home, where all of these needs are met consistently, Timmy has shown what a true gentleman he is showing zero negative behaviours, making us all very proud!  This handsome dog has unlimited potential in the right home, which has proved illusive to him in the past. We will be looking for applicants who understand that consistent rules and structure are the key to his success in his happily-ever-after home. Should you feel you have what Timmy needs, please feel free to complete our online application. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.