Tiki ~ 12 Years ~ Pug

Meet Tequila, aka "Tiki"!  This lovely older lady found herself in need of rescue after her owner sadly passed away. When she first arrived she was in an obese state, and her devoted foster family focused on helping her shed some pounds and become healthier so that we could proceed with her spay surgery as part of her vetting. As a result she became a pro at walking on leash, and has really taken great joy in experiencing all the new sights, sounds and smells. At this time, she is used to walking up to 5 km walks each day, with lots of opportunities to stop and sniff. Tiki is now eating a healthy diet with a glucosamine supplement, and we will be looking for a family who are willing to continue providing her with a quality food and joint supplements to keep her feeling her best in her senior years.

Tiki can be nervous of sudden movements around her head, and may cower. However encouraging her with a reassuring tone will help her feel safe, and when she does, she is very cuddly and affectionate with her humans. Tiki has never lived with small children, and due to her age, we are looking for a quieter home for her. She has no issues with other dogs, and in fact we feel she enjoys having canine companions around and shows a motherly energy towards them - however in typical Pug fashion she can get a little over zealous around high value treats, so this would need to be managed. Although she has not lived with cats previously, she has been exposed to both indoor and outdoor critters without any issue. 

Tiki's housetraining is very good. She has had minimal accidents since joining her foster family, She is not crate trained, and does have separation anxiety, so a home where she is not left alone for extended periods of time would be best suited to her. When she is left on her own, we recommend providing a safe space for here where she can't get into mischief.

 Although she will not require a large yard, it will need to be physically enclosed to ensure her safety.