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Theo ~ 2 Years ~ West Highland Terrier

Meet Theo!  This sweet young dog needs a hero, after being left in a kill pound suffering with chronic skin and ear issues due to unmanaged allergies. Since arriving in our care, and receiving appropriate medical support, Theo is recovering. His fur is growing back and he is feeling so much happier and comfortable in his own skin. His adoptive family will need to follow his current dietary protocol to ensure he remains itch free for life.

Theo is a medium to higher energy dog who is doing well with his house manners, but will need a consistent routine to follow. He loves his walks and is a dream to walk on leash. While on leash he has been friendly with dogs he meets along the way and shows no signs of reactivity on leash or food/treat guarding behaviour. However, in the home, he prefers to be the only dog, and does show some signs of guarding behavior that will need to be worked on as he begins to feel safe and secure.

His ideal home would be one where he was not left on his own for extended periods of time as he has developed some separation anxiety as a result of his past, and therefore it does cause him some stress to be apart from his people right  now. We are hopeful that as Theo adapts to being in his forever home, and learns to trust that he will not be abandoned again, that this behaviour will fade, but it is important for his adopters to recognize that it will likely take some time, patience and consistency in his routine for him to truly feel confident that he is in a safe place and that he does not need to fear being left alone.

Theo would make a wonderful lap dog and walking buddy for an active senior or retiree. Considered to be a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog, he would be well suited for a family with with allergies, but he will require regular professional grooming to keep his coat in tip top shape.

Theo would benefit from attending basic training classes to help him bond with his human and increase his opportunities for socialization. Theo is curious, smart and eager to please, not to mention a wonderful little friend. We feel it is really important for potential adopters to be empathetic and understand that at this time, Theo is confused and insecure after being moved from his home to a pound, to a rescue, but we believe that underneath his uncertainty of the world around him is a wonderful little dog who needs a chance to blossom. 

Successful applicants are chosen on a best-fit basis. Please note that ONLY applications completed through our web site at can be considered and due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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