Twinky - Puppy

Husky Mix | 7 Months | Female | Large

Twinky is a gorgeous young dog with a happy, playful spirit. As a young pup rescued off the streets of Mexico, she is transitioning well to life in her Canadian foster home, but she will need a family who meets the requirements we looking for in her happily-ever-after home.

Twinky is happiest in the presence of other dogs, therefore we will only be considering homes with at least one other friendly, well-balanced dog from whom Twinky will be able to take behavioural cues, and to help her to feel safe and confident. Twinky is a puppy, with puppy traits, and we want to ensure her placement is successful and therefore her adopters will be required to attend puppy training classes to help her master basic commands, and to learn to follow appropriate rules, boundaries and limits. Before applying to adopt her, we recommend applicants do some research on local puppy classes available to them, as we will be requiring she be registered prior to finalizing an adoption.

Twinky is pure love and joy, but also a little mischievous with bounds of energy. We do not recommend her for a home with cats. Although she is not aggressive in any way, she does like to give chase in play. We would like to see her use up that Husky energy up with an active family who engages their dogs with lots of opportunities for mental stimulation and structured exercise such as daily walks, weekend trail adventures, and lots of yard play. Miss Twinky is doing well with her crate training, but has proven to be a bit of a Houdini, and has managed to get out once or twice in her foster home, and has also shown an interest in escaping through open doors. A fully secured, fenced in yard will be a must in her forever home to ensure she doesn't run loose.

Twinky is off to a great start, she loves humans of all sizes (though due to her size and energy level, we will only consider a home without children under the age of 10), she shows no signs of resource guarding, and is eager to learn and to please. In the right home as we have described, and with the strong foundation of basic training, she will make a wonderful, life-long member of a very lucky family.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, only those who meet the requirements we have outlined above will be considered, and contacted further. Thank you!

K9 Crusaders covers all necessary vetting for our animals including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, dewormer and flea/tick treatment. Our adoption fee is $550 for dogs under 1 year, $500 for adult dogs (ages 1-9 years), $350 for special needs dogs and $300 for senior dogs (10 years or over).
(includes our cost for flight, customs and necessary vetting required prior to entry to Canada)
$650 for dogs under 1 year 
$600 for adult dogs (ages 1-9 years)
$400 for special needs dogs
$350 for senior dogs (10 years or over)