LOU - FOSTER-TO-ADOPT (Neglect Case)

Male - 4 Years - Husky Mix

As our sweet, affectionate Lou grows stronger and is beginning to experience a new way of life, it has become clear that this beautiful dog needs more than his current foster home is able to provide. However, moving him from one place to another when he is finally learning to trust humans can also impact his recovery, so our team has thought very carefully about what his immediate needs are and weighed them thoughtfully against any setbacks another move may cause. Since it is challenging to find a pet-free foster home, we are going to begin accepting applications for a Foster-to-Adopt placement with the goal of having to move him only one more time. With our support, he will remain the financial responsibility of the rescue until all of his vetting has been completed, and he has a clear health check. Once we get to that point it is our hope that we will be able to finalize an adoption and transfer ownership to his new family. However, it is very important to us that we find a home that can meet his emotional and physical needs and people who are committed to giving this deserving boy his happily-ever-after, so we ask that before applying, you review his bio thoroughly to be sure you understand what he will require to ensure a successful, permanent placement.

In order for Lou to thrive and succeed in his Foster-to-Forever home, it must:

  • Be a quiet, pet and child-free space

  • Have a good sized, fully fenced yard (no invisible fencing please)

  • Include a strong, confident and patient handler who understands his fearfulness and is willing to work slowly and steadily on socialization and confidence building

  • Have previous breed knowledge and/or experience

  • Be able to understand and confidently manage resource guarding behaviour

  • Have at least one person at home a lot of the time so Lou will not be left alone for extended periods throughout his recovery process

  • Be willing to work cooperatively and collaboratively with our placement team to help Lou become the very best dog he can be!

If you think you have the heart, time, patience and empathy to work with Lou on overcoming his emotional trauma as well as his physical needs as he recovers, this is an opportunity to add an amazing dog with loads of potential to your life. We are so grateful his current foster family gave him a place to land so we could save him from euthanasia, but now it's time to think longer term and about giving him the very best chance at a long, happy and safe life.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed a potential fit will be contacted further. Applications must be received via our web page at www.K9C.ca to be considered.

K9 Crusaders covers all necessary vetting for our animals including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, dewormer and flea/tick treatment. Our adoption fee is $550 for dogs under 1 year, $500 for adult dogs (ages 1-9 years), $350 for special needs dogs and $300 for senior dogs (10 years or over).
(includes our cost for flight, customs and necessary vetting required prior to entry to Canada)
$650 for dogs under 1 year 
$600 for adult dogs (ages 1-9 years)
$400 for special needs dogs
$350 for senior dogs (10 years or over)