Mexipup | 2 Years | Female | Medium-Large

Karine is a beautiful, happy girl who was rescued after a very difficult start in life in Mexico. It is believed she was terribly neglected, and possibly mistreated prior to her rescue. As a result, Karine came to us lacking confidence, but has progressed in leaps and bounds in the safety and security of her foster home. She is shy and hesitant meeting new people and will need a few days to warm up in her new home to learn who she can trust. She is loyal and affectionate but during her adjustment period, she may try hiding so providing a safe, quiet space for her is a must. The key to her heart is allowing her the time she needs to build trust, and providing her with calm yet playful companion whose energy does not overwhelm her. Another confident, well-balanced dog will help bring her out of her shell provided proper canine intros take place. Karine loves love and enjoys lots of neck scratches, belly rubs and kisses and her tail wags morning til night when she’s with her trusted people and foster siblings!

Karine likely would not do well in a home with kids under the age of 16 unless they are very calm and respectful as she’s shown signs of being uncomfortable and fearful around children due to high energy levels. Foster Mom feels that if she were in a family where she was allowed to become comfortable before children were a part of the equation, she would be amazing when a baby did come along so they could grow together. Karine does have chickens in the yard of her foster home and it didn’t take her long to learn that they are a part of the family and now she just treats them like she does the senior dog in the home… ignores them completely! She would likely do okay with other animals as long as intros are properly done. She does enjoy playing with the energetic 3 year old pug girl in the house but due to the size difference, play is monitored. Karine has met many other dogs and while she gets along with most, she tends to enjoy the company of other females for the most part.

Karine is house trained and crate trained and enjoys having that available to her as a safe place when she feels she needs quiet time and to eat her meals as she will give a gentle growl if another dog gets closer to her food source than she is comfortable with, so feeding her in her crate is an easy way to manage this. She loves to share in treat time and will happily work side by side with her foster siblings for treat training sessions. She does not show any signs of separation anxiety, and while she was not entirely comfortable on leash when she first arrived, she has shown great improvement and absolutely loves her walks. Because she also loves to run in a quiet, secure setting, her Foster Mom has been working on her recall with which she is doing very well. Karine is treat motivated which makes training her a breeze. She will need a family dedicated to walking her daily to ensure her exercise needs are met. Karine enjoys car rides with her foster siblings as that always means a fun walk somewhere new to explore! She loves to sniff and explore in local forests and is especially excited over squirrels and other forest creatures. Her Foster Mom does not allow off leash in these areas as Karine can get a little carried away with jumping, bounding and the pure joy of it all and not pay attention to her recall training very well. Although

Karine is crate trained, she prefers to sleep on the couch or on a bed near her humans. At this time, Karine is thriving on a raw diet. It is our hope that we will find a family who raw feeds or willing to learn how to keep this up for her. She does have a few quirks, as we all do! It’s possible that Karine had canine distemper as a pup (a common disease for puppies in Mexico) as she now displays a neurological facial tick. Dogs who survive distemper go on to live normal, healthy lives and her tick causes her no pain or discomfort and certainly does not slow her down! While we have no idea of Karine’s past before she entered the shelter, she may have had some frightening experiences that involved her being picked up as it scares her enough that she will lose control of her bladder. She's also a bit like Bambie on ice... if she gets startled while walking on the laminate floors at Foster Mom’s house, she starts skidding around, trying to get to the nearest area of carpet so runners and area rugs may be a much needed addition for her to feel comfortable and confidant. All in all, Karine is a fun, sweet, sensitive, loving girl who is still learning what it means to be a dog in Canada! She is loving life and really starting to showing her silly and mischievous side, providing Foster Mom and family with many laughs and a growing appreciation of all this beautiful girl could be with her very own family to allow her to continue to blossom!

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, only those who meet the requirements we have outlined above will be considered, and contacted further. Thank you!

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