Female - 11 Months - Mexipup

Beautiful, sensitive Loxa was rescued with her littermates off the scary streets of Mexico when she was just a tiny puppy. She still carries with her many of the fears and insecurities that came with that difficult start in life. We are looking for a very special family who will be patient and understanding, to allow her the time she will need to feel safe and loved. Loxa will absolutely require a home with another dog or dogs as she will find security and comfort in their confidence, and will be able to follow their lead for behavioural cues. Another must-have for Loxa is a completely secured yard with a minimum of a 6 foot fence, as her fear still resonates in her as a desire to escape, and her flight risk at this time cannot be overstated. Loxa is a gentle, independent little girl who is nervous of many things that come with life as a beloved family member, including physical affection... and this is where she will really need an empathetic family who will understand that this will come in time...as she begins to accept that she is no longer in danger, and can give and receive love safely from those she trusts. As a puppy, her house training remains a work in progress, but her leash skills are coming along well. It truly will require a special family with experience in working with dogs who have suffered trauma to bring her out of her shell, while recognizing that a lot of what our own dogs can do with confidence will be a huge hurdle for her. Loxa is not interested in counter surfing or being destructive in the home. She enjoys being close to her canine companions and will engage in play, but will also often keep to herself. She does get car sick and is still nervous in her crate, so this is something that she will need to continue to work on as well. Through the night, she likes to sleep on her bed next to her humans, but is not comfortable co-sleeping with them just yet. Love, consistency and patience will be key in helping Loxa to blossom into the well-balanced, confident and secure dog we know she can be. We are looking for a home that can provide this time and space, as well as a calm, low-traffic environment where she will not be overwhelmed with activity and noise. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed a potential fit will be contacted further.

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