Chihuahua |  7 year |  Female  |  Small


Miley came to us from a vet clinic in Quebec after being surrendered for euthanasia due to a massive bladder stone. Instead, we agreed to take her into care and provided her lifesaving surgery from which she has recovered beautifully, however she will need to be monitored and on a urinary diet for life. Miley is a happy, bouncy, affectionate little girl. She enjoys children, is good with cats, but is selective with other dogs, seeming to prefer smaller, low energy dogs who will give her lots of space, and slow, proper canine introductions are a must. We feel that Miley would be happiest in a home with one person and no other dogs as she bonds quickly with people and would love a warm lap and undivided attention. 




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K9 Crusaders covers all necessary vetting for our animals including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, dewormer and flea/tick treatment. Our adoption fee is $500 for dogs under 1 year, $450 for adult dogs (ages 1-9 years), $350 for special needs dogs and $250 for senior dogs (10 years or over).