Dalmation Mix |  1.3 Years |  Male  |  Medium



Fraser is a beautiful young dog who came to us from the streets of Mexico with some fearfulness that remains a work in progress. He is very nervous meeting new people and does take some time to build trust. We are looking for an experienced adopter who will commit to this high energy boy by providing a stable, forever home with a fully fenced yard and lots of opportunities for exercise and play. Draining his energy is an important part of managing his anxiety, and he is a much more well-balanced and happy boy when these needs are met. Fraser is dog friendly with proper canine intros, but we would not recommend him with a home with young children or cats. He is crate trained and does well walking on leash. 







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K9 Crusaders covers all necessary vetting for our animals including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, dewormer and flea/tick treatment. Our adoption fee is $500 for dogs under 1 year, $450 for adult dogs (ages 1-9 years), $350 for special needs dogs and $250 for senior dogs (10 years or over).