English Bulldog  |  7 years |  Male  |  Medium


We were sad to see Higgins recently returned from his adoptive home after several months. Unfortunately his behaviour became more challenging to manage during the recent Corona virus shut down, and we want to ensure his next home fully understands his needs. Higgins is a typical English Bulldog. Very sweet, silly and at times, incredibly stubborn! We feel he may do best with a single owner, with a possible preference toward females. Higgins cannot be placed in a home with children, and he prefers to be the only dog. His future human must be committed to enforcing rules, boundaries and limits, as he will test them in true Bulldog fashion! Higgins responds best to firm verbal commands, and he will seek out attention and affection when he wants it, but otherwise needs his personal bubble respected. We feel his comfortable routine was likely altered when his human was suddenly home every day, and he no longer had the space he needs to feel calm and secure. We are seeking a home where he will be able to enjoy a quiet, relaxed environment where he can choose when he wants human interaction. Higgins is fully crate trained, and has no issue being in his crate throughout the night. He walks well on leash, and has excellent recall off leash. We know that when Higgins' needs are met, he is a happy and lovable companion. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.




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