Siku ~ 3 Years ~ Siberian Husky

Siku is a beautiful, blue-eyed Siberian Husky who was found wandering the streets of Bahrain in temperatures that exceeded 50 degrees. Sadly, even in the Middle East, there are backyard breeding operations that exploit exotic looking dogs like Huskies regardless of the needs of the breed. Our partnering rescue there reached out to us to see if we could bring Siku to Canada where he could live in a climate much more suitable for this Northern breed.


Siku is not only beautiful, but he has a warm and affectionate disposition. Typical of his breed, he can be high energy at times, and therefore he would do well living with an active forever family with a secured yard (no invisible fencing please) where he would have ample opportunity for activity and outdoor play. Siku is female dog-friendly and and we feel he would enjoy having a female canine in his home for companionship and as a playmate. 

Before coming to Canada, Siku was fully vetted, including his neuter, and he is ready to find his happily-ever-after!