Selina ~ 8 Months ~ MexiPup

Meet Selina! This pretty girl came to us from our rescue partners in Mexico after she was surrendered at one of their spay-neuter clinics in a plastic bag, and near death. Thankfully, they were able to save her life, and now she has come to Canada in the hopes of a new beginning with a forever family.

Selina gets along well with other dogs, but could live happily with our without another dog in her home, though it may be a benefit for her to have a confident, more mature dog to learn from. She is not living with cats currently, so that is an unknown, but she does like to chase squirrels and birds, so a cat-free home may be most ideal for her.

Selina is not crated in her foster home, though her crate is available to her to use, which she does when sleeps at night, or when she is feeling the need for her own space. She is shy meeting new people, and is nervous of men, so her foster family has found she will go into her crate when new people visit. However, she is not crated when alone and shows no sign of separation anxiety or getting into mischief when on her own.

Selina is very much a puppy. We would like her forever family to commit to attending puppy classes with her so she can master basic obedience, socialize and strengthen her bond with her humans. This will also set her up for long-term success in her new home. She can be very shy and standoffish with new faces, so socialization is key to help her feel safe and confident in any situation. She, also has lots of puppy energy to burn, so keeping her active and stimulated will be necessary to keep her in a balanced state. A home with a securely fenced yard is preferred so she will have more opportunity to enjoy time outside and a space to safely play (no invisible fencing please). Due to her bouncy, playful level of energy, she would not be suited for a home with small children, but may enjoy having an older child or children in the home to play with, as long as they are respectful of her personal space.

Selina has so much potential, and would be a wonderful addition to family who can meet her needs.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.