Scarlet ~ 6 Years ~ Great Dane

Meet Scarlet! The gentle girl is a large breed lover’s dream!! Scarlet is a happy, well-balanced girl who enjoys the company of other dogs. She is currently living with cat’s in her foster home and is completely indifferent to them. 

Scarlet loves her daily walks and has exceptional leash manners with no reactivity when meeting new dogs or humans.
In the home, Scarlet is impeccably trained with no indoor accidents to speak of. She gives clear signals when she needs to go outside. She absolutely loves her yard time, and quickly gets the zoomies which is generally followed by a long comfy nap in her bed or on the couch. We are looking for a forever home with a secured yard she can enjoy in addition to her walks.


When meeting new peoples, Scarlet may be shy and standoffish until she feels safe and then she will happily show her affection and cuddly side. Scarlet has met children, and while she remains her sweet and gentle self in their presence, she is nervous of fast movements and loud voices, so we feel she would do best in a home without young ones. 

This beautiful girl has no qualms about being left on her own, showing zero signs of separation anxiety of destructive behaviour. She will happily snuggle up and sleep away the day until her humans return.


Scarlet is in good health, and has no mobility issues. 

Please note that successful applicants are chosen on a best-fit basis and due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.