Ryker~ 6 Years Old - Aussie Shepherd Mix

Ryker is an absolutely gorgeous soul who came to us after a lifetime of inactivity and neglect. When he arrived he was obese and flea infested with large patches of bloody skin where he had chewed himself raw. Within just days of his arrival, he was flea free, and enjoying soothing medicated baths, a healthy diet and regular daily exercise, and he has repaid us in kind for his new lease on life by being the sweetest, most loveable dog you could hope for. Ryker is happily sharing space with other dogs and a cat in his foster home. He was timid at first but quickly gained some confidence and began to enjoy the canine companionship. We feel Ryker would benefit from having another medium or larger sized dog in his forever home that he can take cues from, and also to help keep him active, as he does still need to take of some pounds off to reach his ideal weight. Because he has never lived an active lifestyle before, Ryker does tend to be on the lower energy side, so having a pal to play with would be a great way to motivate him to move. A fully fenced yard (chain link or wood) where he can enjoy more time being active outdoors is also preferred. Walks are obviously new to him as well, and he loves his daily outings so much that he likes to spend lots of time sniffing and experiencing the outdoors. He is also so friendly, he wants to stop and greet everyone he passes. His house training has been very positive, with only one accident since his arrival.

Ryker is a very special dog, who is so grateful for any kindness shown to him. He is a gentle boy and could live with kids old enough to understand and respect his space. He does shed a little, and really enjoys being brushed - which has made his coat absolutely shine!