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Raphaelle ~ 2 Years Old ~ Standard Poodle

Meet Raphaelle! This beautiful, smart, affection, curly-haired cutie is looking for a forever home where she will be the only dog. As an almost fully trained service dog, who was well-balanced, and attended doggy daycare, we believe Raphaelle experienced some form of trauma related to another dog. Since that time she has become reactive to dogs she is sharing space with, and will also react with barking and lunging when seeing other dogs on leash. We believe this is a tactic she uses to tell other dogs to stay away as she has become fearful of them. So Raphaelle will truly need to be the only Queen in her forever castle, but in exchange, she will be the most loving, happy, eager to please best friend any human could hope for.

Cats are relatively unknown to Raphaelle, and while she is not sharing her foster home with any felines, she did meet one through a crate at the vets office and appeared completely indifferent. She has lived with children in the past, however, older children would be most ideal for her as she does have a lot of bouncy puppy energy and due to her size, it may be too much for a small child to manage. 

Indoors, Raphaelle is a well-mannered, respectful dog. She is fully housetrained and does not require a crate. She has shown no signs of separation anxiety of mischievous behaviour when left on her own. 

Raphaelle enjoys her walks, ideally in a quiet area (no dog parks). She is currently using a harness but may benefit from a halti to curb her desire to pull. We feel she will need a secure, fully fenced yard and daily walks along with lots of opportunities to use her brain with fun and stimulating activities to keep her happy and well balanced. She loves her toys and playing fetch in the yard, and these will help drain her physical energy as well as her brain. 

As a non-shedding breed, Raphaelle would be a great fit for a home with allergies, however she will require regular professional grooms to keep her coat healthy and mat-free.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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