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Phoenix ~ 1.5 Years Old ~ Min Pin/Chihuahua X

Meet Phoenix!  Perhaps one of our most heartbreaking intakes, this pup came to us in horrific condition from a Quebec pound as an unclaimed stray...and not a moment too soon. It is most likely that if Phoenix had been on the streets even one more day he would have succumbed to starvation. At our intake appointment he weighed in at less than 5 pounds. Today, Phoenix is closing in on his ideal weight of around 15 pounds!  

Phoenix has transformed in more ways than one. He has gone from terrified and shut down to confident and full of energy and love. He is truly expressing his inner puppy, and he welcomes every opportunity for affection and play. He was recently neutered and is now the perfect picture of health!


Naturally, we want to find the very best, most perfectly suited home for this little guy and we have come up with a list of things that Phoenix will need to ensure success and a lifetime of happiness as he transitions into his happily-ever-after home. We feel his biggest need is having another dog in his family who can match his energy level and who can guide him with behavioural cues that will help him feel safe and secure. Additionally, we feel Phoenix would benefit tremendously from puppy classes, again to help him with his socialization and confidence as well as to master recall and strengthen the bond with his humans. A fenced yard would also be required (no invisible fencing please) as safe yard play would be an excellent way for Phoenix to burn off some of his puppy energy.

Phoenix is close to mastering his house training but does need fairly frequent trips outside to reinforce this. He is living with both dogs and cats in his foster home, and we have noted that he is quite sensitive to these other animals, and adjusts his interactions with them accordingly - but he definitely would love a playmate who can keep up with his zoomies! At night, Phoenix happily slumbers in his crate, and when he is left alone, he seems to take comfort in being in a pen or a crate until his family returns home. He has met children and responded well to them, but due to his size, older kids would be the best fit for him. Phoenix is also showing a little bit of possessiveness over his humans, however we feel this will resolve as he learns his place in his forever home and trusts that he is safe and secure. Phoenix has had minimal experience on a leash since his arrival due to his physical condition, but he does seem to mind being on leash, and will definitely enjoy regular walks as he grows stronger!

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served.  Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.  

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