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Our story

"K9 Crusaders was started in 2013, a year after the loss of my dog TJ. I grieved for a solid year, with no end in sight and could not figure out how to move forward. It was honestly the most profound loss of my life up until that point, and I could not seem to work through it. So many of my friends and family would try to ease my pain by telling me how lucky TJ was, as he was with one family from the time he was a puppy, that he never knew what it was like to be rehomed or discarded. It made me think about all the other TJ's out there who were not so lucky, who were abandon in pounds or shelters, or who had been given away as 'free to a good home' dogs and suddenly… I knew how to honour my boy's legacy. I began channeling my grief into the creation of K9 Crusaders with the goal of saving as many lives as possible."

- Jodi Lane, Founder & Managing Director

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