Nyla ~ 8 Months ~ Mexi Pup

Meet Nyla!   You might mistakenly think this pretty little girl is part deer with those magnificent ears, but as far as we know, she is 100% canine! Nyla was found starving on the streets in Mexico, and our partnering rescue brought her into the safely of their shelter until she was ready to fly to Canada and a chance at a safe and loving forever family to call her own. 

As a young puppy, Nyla is still mastering her basic obedience, and we are hoping to find a family willing to commit to puppy classes with her. Not only will this give her opportunities for learning and socialization, but it will also strengthen the bond between her and her humans. Though still young, Nyla has a calm and gentle presence, but also still a play drive and curious spirit. At this time she is actively play chasing the kitty in her foster home, so a forever home without cats may be best suited for her. She would do well with children old enough to respect her personal space and to understand appropriate  boundaries with animals. She is currently doing very well with her house training, and does ask to go outside when she needs to. Her foster family are working on crate training her, but and adoptive family who will not leave her alone for extended periods of time would be her wish, as she is truly happiest when in the company of her beloved humans!

Nyla loves car rides, and is working on her leash skills. As a timid girl, she is a little nervous during her walks, and again, we feel puppy classes would help her build her confidence, both on and off-leash. She can be somewhat reactive when passing other dogs while walking leashed, but this is simply a result of feeling vulnerable, because she knows she cannot run away...so it is just a matter of helping her become more confident and social with both dogs and humans. Nyla can also show mild signs of resource guarding of her toys, but with positive reinforcement and consistency, she will grow to understand that guarding behaviour is no longer necessary for her.

Nyla is truly a wonderful young dog with endless potential. In spite of her difficult beginning, she remains a cuddly, affectionate girl who is smart, and eager to learn and please.  Her even temper and blend of playful pup and couch potato make her suitable for most families. Due to her shy and timid nature, Nyla will require a fenced yard to ensure her safety and security. No invisible fencing please.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.