Noel ~ 7 Months Old - Vizsla mix

Noel and his siblings were just wee pups in Mexico when their owner passed away and they were tossed outside like garbage as no other family members wanted to care for them. They were too small to wander very far and neighbours began to mistreat them until someone moved them to an abandoned lot without food or water. Eventually someone reported their plight to our rescue partners in Puebla, who went and picked them up.

Today Noel is living with his new foster family here in Canada. He is like any typical puppy, playful and active - once he feels safe and secure. He enjoys human affection, and is happy and excited to play with toys. As he is still a puppy, he is learning basic manners, and would absolutely thrive in puppy classes which would also give him an opportunity to further socialize and build up his confidence. Noel just loves to be around his human family, so he isn't a big fan of his crate, and would be happiest in an active home where he is not spending a lot of time on his own. We feel he would benefit greatly from having another well-balanced dog in the home which will help bring him out of his shell.

Given that he is so young, with patience and consistency, we feel Noell will adapt well to any loving home where he feels safe and loved.