Moana ~ 1 Year Old ~ MexiPup

Meet Moana! This beautiful girl had a tough beginning in life as a puppy trying to survive on the streets of Mexico. One day she walked into a hair salon, and made herself at home. Thankfully the salon staff contacted rescue, and Moana became one of the lucky few to find her way to safety.

Moana recently became a Canadian where she will finally have a chance to find her forever family. Her Foster Mom has described Moana as incredibly intelligent, eager to learn, cuddly and affectionate. She is well mannered in the house, but due to her history, she does have some anxiety when left alone, so a home where she would not be by herself for extended periods of time would be ideal.

Moana is still very much a pup in the sense that she absolutely loves to run, jump and play. We would love for her have a securely fenced in yard (no invisible fencing please)  where she can be active in addition to her daily walks. 

Moana is a gentle soul, and has shown no signs of resource guarding whatsoever. She enjoys meeting new dogs on her walks though she is timid with intros, and she will stop to curiously observe squirrels but does not bark or chase them, so it is most likely she would do well in a home with other animals with proper intros. She also loves children, but due to her energy level, older kids with dog experience are best suited for her.

Moana does not have any issues with her house training. Currently her Foster Mom will use pee pads if needed, which she will use when necessary, but she is also quickly learning to hold it until she can go outside. She does not like to be crated, and since she isn't destructive or into counter surfing, it isn't likely necessary to crate her.

Moana is looking for an active family who will stimulate her mentally and physically. She loves her walks, and would  be an excellent candidate for puppy classes to help strengthen her bond with her forever humans, give her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs, and to help her further master her basic training.