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McGavin ~ 14 Years ~ Shetland Sheepdog

Meet McGavin! This stunning senior boy found himself needing rescue after his lifelong human entered a long-term care facility. His Veterinarian reached out to us as she felt McGavin was in good health and could have a significant amount of quality time left to share with a new family. There are many wonderful benefits that come with opening your heart to a senior dog, but it is also important to recognize that they also have more specific needs.


McGavin is mostly blind but once he becomes familiar with his surroundings he doesn't have any issue navigating his way around. We are looking for a retirement home for McGavin without stairs, so he can move through his space with ease. McGavin is a pretty laid back, low-key dog who could live alongside other pets without issue. Naturally, we would not consider placing him in a home with any higher energy dogs, but one who matches his energy level would be just fine. Because of his age, we also feel a quieter home without young children would suit him best.


One of the many benefits we mentioned is that McGavin is perfectly housetrained. Though he doesn't ask to go out, he doesn't have any indoor accidents, and is capable of holding it as long as he is taken outside regularly. He is exceptionally well-mannered and respectful in the home, with no need for crating. He is not destructive in any way and shows no signs of separation anxiety.


Though he is lower energy, he does enjoy his walks on nicer days. He will pay careful attention to the sounds and smells around him and as they become more familiar, he will relax and enjoy the fresh air. He may be a little slow, and at times hesitant when walking in a new area, but with gentle encouragement, he will put his trust in his human and lean into the experience! This is very much similar to how he behaves when meeting new people too. He may come across as standoffish until he feels safe, an then he will warm up to affection.


McGavin is currently on a raw diet and eats twice a day. He has had some teeth extracted during his recent dental, but still enjoys small treats; liver is his favourite!


It is important to understand that his gorgeous coat will need regular, gentle brushing to keep it from becoming matted, and he does shed, but just a little!  McGavin would make a wonderful companion to a senior or retiree who is looking for a small, calm, low-maintenance companion.


Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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