Luna ~ 1.5 Years ~ Mexi/Siberian Husky Mix

Meet Luna! This gorgeous blue-eyed beauty is every bit as sweet as she is stunning!! At just a year and a half old, she is incredibly calm and wise for her age. Rescued out of a trash dumpster in Mexico, she is the lone survivor from her litter of its clear this sweetheart has a warrior spirit. 

She is currently sharing her foster home with another dog, and we feel she would enjoy the company of another dog in her forever home, but due to a low level of prey drive, we would not recommend her for a house with small animals, cats or critters. 

Once Luna feels safe, she will show you her heart. She loves human attention and affection and makes a great walking companion with impressive leash skills for a beginner, that are still improving each day. In the home, Luna is perfectly housetrained. She is not mischievous and shows no signs of destructive behaviour or separation anxiety when left alone. '

Currently Luna does show some resource guarding of her food and treats, which is not unusual for a dog who had to protect their food source in the past. With careful management and patience, we feel she will likely outgrow this as she begins to understand she does not have to fight for every meal she gets. Initially she may also feel protective of her toys, so that is something her forever family will need to monitor and work on.

Because Luna loves to run, we feel her ideal home would have a spacious fenced yard (no invisible fences please). Her energy level is described by her Foster Mum as medium, so she will need to be walked daily as well as having yard time to keep her in balance.

Overall, Luna is an amazing dog who is just beginning her journey. With the right balance of love and affection, exercise and education, she is going to grow into an absolutely incredible dog and family companion.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.