Letta ~ 2 Years ~ Mexi-Pup

A little about Letta!  This pretty young dog came to us after being saved from the harsh streets of Mexico by our team partners. Despite her difficult beginnings, Letta has remained as sweet as sugar, and will make a wonderful addition to some very lucky family.

Letta is truly a family dog. She loves children who treat her respectfully, and is currently living with another dog she has made fast friends with, as well as a cat. Initially she thought it was fun to chase the cat, but was easily corrected with a firm no. She has mastered her housetraining in her foster home, and gives clear signals when she needs to go outside.  Letta is also crate trained, and she is currently sleeping in her crate at night and for short periods as needed throughout the day. However, she shows no sign of separation anxiety or mischievous or destructive behaviour when left on her own.  Letta is a great walker,  and although she can be unsure when walking in new environments, she stays close to her human's side and responds to positive encouragement to help her feel safe and secure. If she enounters another dog, she may initially bark but is easily corrected. Her foster family describes Letta as kind and loving, cuddly and affectionate, and the perfect blend of playmate and couch potato. She enjoys her daily walks and a hardy game of fetch in her yard, but is also very happy to settle in for couch cuddles or to just quietly lounge indoors or out.

Letta's ideal home would be described low-to-medium activity, with another dog she can bond with.  Because she enjoys her time outside, we would love her to have a secure yard (no invisible fencing please) where she can run and play in addition to her daily walks.  She could adjust easily to cohabitating with cats, and would also enjoy having older children to love!


Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.