Kiki~ 11 Years Old - Lhasa Apso

Kiki came to us from a Quebec pound and although we are not certain of her age, we do estimate her to be around 11 years old based on her condition and energy level. Kiki still has a lot of pep and a spunky personality, She loves her walks and gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home, though she would be happy with or without another canine in her happily-ever-after family. Kiki is also currently sharing space with a cat without any issues, and is in fact quite indifferent about her. We feel she would be best suited for a quiet home without young kids based solely on her age and her size. When Kiki arrived she was trained to use pee pads, however in no time at all she mastered doing her business outside on her daily walks. Although her Foster Mom still puts them down for her, Kiki rarely uses her pee pads anymore. Left without supervision, she is calm and relaxed. No need to crate this little girl as she is happy to nap until her family returns home. Kiki has no vision in her right eye, but it does not cause her any pain. Our vet has examined her thoroughly and explained that she has a cataract, and the lens inside the eye has separated, but the pressure is good, and there is no need to do anything about it. All in all, Kiki is made for cuddling. She would make a wonderful friend for a retiree who is looking for a an easy, non-shedding, affectionate little companion.