Kelso ~ 8 Years Old ~ Poodle Mix

Meet Kelso! At 8 years-old, this sweet boy is finally learning how great life can be. He has come to us from Mexico after what we can only imagine was 8 years of struggle and suffering. While we don't know exactly what his former life looked like, we do know it is unlikely he has ever lived indoors or known the comfort of a safe and loving home. He was found abandoned and tied up near a shelter without access to any food or water in the extreme heat. Being such a tiny dog, it was not ideal to place him in the shelter where the majority of the dogs are much bigger, so he went home with one of our rescue partners until he could come to Canada.

Since his arrival, he has made himself quite comfortable in his foster home, living with both dogs and cats. While he was curious about the cat at first, he quickly lost interest, but really seems to enjoy having having other small dogs nearby for snuggles and also to watch and learn from. Initially, he had no concept of indoor living, and would lift his leg frequently. However, in a very short time, this smartie-pants has come to understand that outside is for peeing and pooping, and he is now asking to go out to do his business! He may regress in that department when he is transitioning to his forever home as is typical with most dogs, however, consistency, gentle reminders and positive reinforcement will help him regain his confidence and understanding around this.

Kelso is a quiet dog who wants to be near his people. He is cuddly and affectionate almost immediately and has shown zero signs of resource guarding behaviour. He loves his daily walks, though in colder temps it is important to keep them short as he is still acclimating to the much colder Canadian climate.  His Foster Mom also thinks a fenced yard would be nice for him so he can safely enjoy more time outdoors when the weather warms up, and it would also make reinforcing his house training much easier.

Kelso loves everyone he meets, but due to his low-key demeanor, a quiet home without very small children would probably suit him best. Older kids who can understand this would be just fine. He does not need to be crated, and prefers co-sleeping with his humans for comfort and warmth.

This tiny little man will absolutely steal your heart!