Jax ~ 6 Years ~ Labrador Retriever

Jax is a beautiful dog with a kind and loving heart. When meeting new people, he presents as shy, but with a little time and patience, he will soon realize he is safe and will begin to show his beautiful personality. Jax is cuddly and affectionate and he really enjoys being in the company of his trusted humans, but he also has an independent side and adapts quickly to being on his own when necessary. He is very intelligent and will learn his place in his forever home quickly. He is excitable like most Labs, and will greet his humans with excitement. He is dog friendly, but also an "enthusiastic" eater, so if he is sharing his home with other dogs, he will try to steal their food, so having a separate spot for him to eat is probably a good idea! His ideal family will want to include Jax in their day-to-day activities, and will have a yard with green space where he can relax and enjoy fresh air in addition to daily walks which will keep him happy and healthy. 

Jax is one of the luckier dogs rescued in Mexico, as he was bought as a puppy and has lived in a loving home in his past, so he will likely acclimate very quickly to a new life in Canada, and will embrace this opportunity to be a part of a family once again. As an older dog, he is well-mannered and calm, and truly ready to devote himself to his new forever family.