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Jakob ~ 10 Years ~ Lab Mix

Meet Jakob! If you are looking for a happy, well-mannered and gentle companion, look no further! This cuddly, and affectionate boy is quick to give his heart to humans. Jakob has the spirit of a Lab but in a much smaller frame. He is a joy to walk on leash with minimal pulling when he sees something that peaks his curiosity. He is well housetrained, shows no signs of resource guarding and is the perfect blend walking buddy and couch potato. 

Jakob's vet exam went well, and our vet would have estimated him to be under ten based on how good his teeth are and overall health, however, he does have some clouding of his eyes and hearing loss, so it is most likely he is just around 10 years old. As an older dog, he has a calm and laid back temperament that would make him a great match for an active retiree or senior! He does enjoy the company of other lower energy dogs, but could also live quite happily as a solo dog. 

Jakob prefers not to be left alone for extended periods of time. While his separation anxiety is short lived, it does take him a few minutes of crying/whining to settle himself down when he is left on his own, so he would not be a great candidate for apartments or condos. There is no need to crate Jakob as he is very respectful in his home environment. He currently enjoys a mix of senior kibble topped with a little wet food and a few healthy treats throughout his day. He is truly a low-maintenance dog who is just looking for a best friend to share his golden years with.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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