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Isla ~ 7 Months ~  Labrador Mix

Meet Isla! At just seven months old, this beautiful girl found herself surrendered after she needed surgery for an obstruction. As a busy Lab X puppy, she can be a bit anxious if her energy level is not well managed, which can often lead to boredom eating of things that are not meant to be consumed and cannot be digested.

Since joining our rescue, our volunteers have fallen in love with Isla's sweet, bouncy personality and we want to ensure that her next home is her last. In order for Isla to be successful, she will need lots of opportunities for exercise and play. Just a walk or two a day will not be enough to meet her needs and keep her in balance. So we are looking for an active family, ideally with another dog who can match her energy level, and a fully fenced yard where they can romp and play together. We are also asking adopters to commit to training classes to help Isla learn the basics such as recall, sit, stay, etc. This will also give her an opportunity for more socialization and will strengthen her bond with her humans. Isla is incredibly intelligent so brain drain will be as important as energy drain, and she loves games, puzzles, snuffle mats etc.

Prior to her rescue, we are not confident that Isla was walked on leash. Every sight, sound and smell seemed new to her, and although she was nervous, she quickly began to embrace the world around her. She is doing very well on leash now, and enjoys these daily outings. She has also been attending doggy day care, and thinks that running in the yard with her new friends is just the greatest thing ever!

Isla currently has some separation anxiety that we are managing with low dose Trazadone. We feel that once she is in her forever home, has built up her confidence and is in balance, this will no longer be necessary. Unfortunately, she was not set up for success in the past, so we want to ensure that she has every opportunity to put her best paw forward in her forever home, because she is absolutely worth the time and effort.

Though Isla has a gentle, loving spirit, she is full of puppy play energy, and therefore a home without small children would be most ideal.

Isla's adoption contract will not be finalized until we have completed her spay surgery, at our cost, through our partnering vet clinic in Port Hope, Ontario, at the time frame they deem suitable.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further. Only applications received through our online form at will be considered.

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