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International Foster-To-Adopt (IFTA) Program 

Did you know that at any given time, there are approximately 25 million homeless animals struggling to survive life on the streets of Mexico?

Being a homeless animal in an impoverished country is hell on earth, and we are so proud of our International partnership with The Dog-Go Project who operate out of Puebla, Mexico. These earth angels have saved countless lives by pulling desperate animals off the streets, taking care of their medical needs and then finding flight parents who are willing to escort them to rescues in Canada. Our International Foster-to-Adopt (IFTA) program gives us more opportunity to bring healthy, adoptable dogs together with loving families who can provide safe and wonderful homes once they have completed the application process. Our IFTA parents do not pay an adoption fee upfront. Instead they commit to providing a safe haven and will have up to two weeks to decide if they want to proceed with their adoption. If for any reason it is determined that it is not a good fit, they maintain their foster status until a forever home is found. If all goes well and they wish to proceed with an adoption, the fee is paid at the end of the two-weeks, and the placement is finalized.  If you would like to become a lifesaving IFTA parent, please be sure to check the appropriate box on our adoption application, and list the name of the dog you are interested in from the profiles posted below. Once we have had an opportunity to review your application, a member of our placement team will contact you further to provide more information.

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6 years old



3 years old



5 years old

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