Henry ~ 1 Year Old ~ Chihuahua

Meet Henry!


This adorable little guy came to us after being surrendered to a Quebec kill pound.  At the time it was disclosed that he may require surgery for luxating patellas on his back legs. As it turned out, one of his back legs had suffered an old fracture that was never treated, and it healed in such a way that it could not be repaired, and the best option to relieve his pain and discomfort was amputation of the limb. Henry recovered from this surgery very well, and he has adapted to life on three legs beautifully. It certainly has not slowed him down at all, and he is still as playful and full of beans as any other pup his age. It is important that his adopters understand the need to monitor his other hind leg since it is carrying the load on his back end, and take steps to ensure optimal joint health as he ages.

Henry is currently living with other dogs in his foster home. He certainly loves his canine pals, but also has no problem asserting his space next to his Foster Mom when it's time for couch cuddles! Although he is not living with a cat at this time, he is in a home with a rabbit and apart from wanting to help clean the bunny's ears, he is incredibly gentle and respectful - so we feel its safe to assume cats would not be an issue for this little love bug.


Henry is incredibly resilient and adaptable, and has no issue transitioning from one home to another, just as long as he feels safe and loved.  He has a particular fondness for children of all ages, but we do feel a home with older children would be best suited to him and the need he has to be careful on his three remaining legs. When Henry arrived, he was trained to use indoor pee pads and his Foster Mum has worked hard on getting him used to going outside. While he has nearly mastered this skill, he will still use a pee pad inside if one is available. Otherwise it will be important for his forever family to continue to reinforce this training with him by watching for cues that he has to go, and ensuring he gets taken outside frequently throughout the day.

Henry is perfectly crate trained, although it isn't necessary to crate him for anything other than travel as he is non-destructive and has not shown any sign of separation anxiety. He does however like to be with humans so a home where he is not left alone for extended periods of time would suit him just fine.

Henry will need a forever home where can remain active, and continue to enjoy his daily walks to ensure he maintains a healthy weight and optimal health for his remaining legs. Apart from that, this little guy will make adding him to your family the easiest and best decision ever!