Harry ~ 4 Years Old ~ Aussie Shepherd

Meet Harry! This handsome, sweet boy is a purebred Australian Shepherd, and his personality traits are very much true to his lineage.  Upon your initial meeting with Harry, you will find he is quick to show interest and affection almost immediately. Beyond that, Harry is incredibly smart, and eager to learn. He does have a strong interest in cats, that may suggest he is best suited to a feline-free home. His foster family have also noted he will chase free range chickens, and though he has done well with larger animals such as donkeys, he does have that herding instinct, which may not be ideal for a home with very small children, though he is a true family dog and likes to company of older kids who are respectful of his space.


Harry came to us from a Quebec pound, and we were told he may not do well with other male dogs, particularly those the same size or bigger than he is. However, we have found he is mostly just unsure of them, and with proper intros and the right energy match, he can have a successful friendship with male dogs. He does however prefer the ladies, and may be easier to integrate into a home with a female dog. Once he feels safe with another canine, he absolutely loves to have a pal to run and play with, but this takes time. It is important to note that Harry does have some leash reactivity towards other dogs that is being worked on in his Foster home.  He will need a confident handler, and would benefit from walks in a low-traffic area. Harry would not be suited to dog park play.


Harry has exceptional house manners. He is very clean and well trained to do his business outside. When left alone, he is happy to chill out on his bed and await his family's return. He shows no signs of separation anxiety, and his foster family have not felt the need to crate him at any time because he is not a counter surfer and does not look for mischief when left on his own. If you are looking for company on the road, Harry loves car rides and makes a wonderful copilot on long or short drives. 


Harry is a very polite dog, and shows no signs of resource guarding behaviour. He really enjoys frisbee, fetch and just about any game that allows him to exercise his mind and body. Highly intelligent dogs need to drain their energy and their brain to remain in balance, and as such, Harry would love a job to do, or even a backpack to wear on walks to help him feel like he is working the way his breed is wired to. Denying him the appropriate amount of activity and mental stimulation will frustrate him and put him out of balance, so we are looking for a family who is active and truly understands what makes for a happy Aussie! Harry would be an amazing agility dog for those who are interested in the sport!


Finally, we would like to remind potential adopters that Aussies do have a two-layer coat that includes a weather resistant top coat of medium length and an undercoat to help regulate their body temperature to heat or cold. They do require regular brushing to keep debris and matting at bay, and they do shed!

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.