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Ginny ~ Pekingese ~ 10+ Years

Meet Ginny! This sassy senior dog is not ready to act her age just yet. She has a typical Peke attitude, which her Foster Mom calls the grumps. She is apt to give low growls when being picked up, but quickly settles in for a snuggle. Ginny is not one for the active life. She prefers yard wandering over leash walks. She does require frequent opportunties to go outside throughout the day to prevent accidents, which would make her an ideal candidate for a senior or retiree, or even someone who works from home.

Ginny had a full mouth extraction after her arrival so a soft diet will be necessary. She shows no signs of resource guarding, but can be a little picky when trying new foods. Sometimes it will take two or three attempts to get her to try something new, but she is a real fan of liver treats!


Ginny is currently living with a cat and has proven to be completely indifferent. She also enjoys having other dogs to cuddle with, but doesn't really engage them in play. We feel she would be happy with or without a canine companion in her forever home. Ginny does not use a crate, but when left on her own her Foster Mom places her in a pen with a pee pad.


Ginny's ideal home would be quiet, with a fully fenced yard. Though she doesn't show any sign of separation anxiety or destructive behaviours, she is happiest in the company of her people so a home where she would not be left on her own for extended periods of time would suit her just fine! Her non shedding coat will require regular professional grooming.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served.  Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.  

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