Ebony ~ 3 Years ~ Mexi-Mix

Meet Ebony! This beautiful girl was rescued in Mexico after being abandoned with a litter of puppies. She was missing one of her eyes at the time of her rescue, but nobody knows how she lost it. She has now fully healed, and it does not cause her any pain or discomfort. She is currently sharing her foster home with other dogs and while she is shy and reserved, she has been very comfortable living alongside them and we feel having a well-balanced canine companion in her forever home would help her build her confidence and feel more at ease. Cats seem to be new to her, so she is curious and will give chase in play but her Foster Mom feels this is manageable and may be something she outgrows as she gets used to sharing space with them. Ebony is well-mannered in the home and is comfortable being crated when necessary. She is not particularly vocal, and doesn’t seem to get into mischief or have any separation anxiety when left on her own.  She is an excellent walking companion and does really well on a leash and harness. Ebony warms up to new people right away, but there is an element of nervousness with her, and she may cower with sudden movements our loud noises, so a quieter home with a fully fenced yard (no invisible fencing please) would suit her just fine. She loves her cuddle time, and is a bit of a couch potato, but she also does like to play and our hope is that as she learns to feel safe and secure, she will come out of her shell even more. This curly haired cutie weighs about 30 lbs and she does shed minimally, so we would not consider her a hypoallergenic dog.

If you would like to be considered as a potential adopter for Ebony, please complete our online application form. Only those received through our own page will be reviewed and potential matches will be contacted further by our team of volunteers.