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Duffy~ 3 Years ~ Poodle X

Meet Duffy! This handsome young dog is what we commonly refer to in the rescue community as a "Covid Puppy". In other words, his family brought him home as a wee pup in the midst of the pandemic, and were not able to socialize him appropriately. Then when life returned to normal, they no longer had the time or energy to put into helping him achieve his potential. It's a good thing Duffy is extremely smart and eager to please, as he has been absolutely thriving in his foster home where he has been getting lots of time and attention! As a result, his world has opened up for him, and he is learning how wonderful life can be!

Duffy was not really exposed to other animals before rescue, and initially he showed fear when he encountered other dogs on his walks. Now that he feels more confident there are no issues once he has had an opportunity for a controlled introduction and some mutual sniffing. He may bark at approaching dogs to show interest. He does have a prey drive for small, scurrying animals, so a home without critters might be ideal.

Duffy seems to really enjoy the company of children and as long as they are respectful he is happy to play alongside them and be their best friend. We do sense that he can be a little possessive of his favourite humans, so a home without small children may be the best fit, but he would love visits!

His housetraining is excellent, but he does need lots of opportunities to go outdoors to do his business, and he will give clear cues when he needs to go out. A fenced yard would be a great space for him to enjoy along with his daily leash walks. Duffy is crate trained, and is currently using his crate for sleeping at night, and short periods during the day as needed. He does have some mild separation anxiety so a crate helps him to feel safe when he is alone. We are looking for a forever home where he will not be left on his own for extended periods of time. He is not mischievous and does not counter surf or show destructive behaviour, he is mostly just upset and afraid when he is by himself.

The longer Duffy is in our care, the more his character shines. He loves his walks and car rides. He has a nice energy level, and is happy to curl up for a nap anytime of day. He seems to be trained not to go on furniture, but a cozy dog bed will make him just as happy!

As a non shedding breed, Duffy may make a wonderful addition to a home with allergies, but his coat will require reqular grooming and maintenance.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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