Claudia - 1 year old

Claudia is a beautiful dog inside and out! A former street dog in Mexico, she has adapted to the good life quickly, and with ease. She is immediately very social and affectionate with everyone she meets. As a young dog, she is learning her manners, and would absolutely thrive in puppy classes! She is smart, eager to learn and to please. Claudia has a high energy level, and would love to have a fully secured yard space where she can lounge and run, and will need an active family who will keep her stimulated and busy with exercise and play. She loves and shares her toys but can be on guard during meal time, though she has not shown any aggression around her food bowl. Claudia wants a family to share the couch with! She wants to be close to those she loves, but is currently most comfortable sleeping in her crate at night, and has no problem using it for short periods as needed throughout the day. Her leash skills are improving as she gets more used to her daily walks. This beautiful girl would be best suited for a home with older children over the age of 10 because of her size and energy level.