Chente ~ 12 Years ~ Mexi-Mix

Meet Chente! This gorgeous senior boy has had a tough life up until his recent rescue. Chente is a former Mexican street dog, who survived off food from a dumpster he took shelter by. Thankfully he was saved from this life by our partners in Puebla where he received quality care and shelter. Vets there believe he had been hit by a car at least once during his lifetime, and today he walks with an obvious limp as a result of these previous injuries. He does take daily joint supplements to help with any arthritis he may have as a result. As well, he has a mild heart murmur that is not of concern at this time, but he does take daily low dose medication to help keep it working efficiently. 

We brought this sweet, quiet, well-mannered boy to Canada because we knew he would never find a home in Mexico, and we wanted to give him an opportunity to know the comfort of having a home and family to call his own. His foster family tells us that he is just the sweetest boy who has settled in beautifully, and definitely appreciates the comfort and safety of a home. He is currently living with other dogs, so we feel a forever family with or without other low energy dogs would be just fine for him. He also has no problems living peacefully with cats. 

His ideal home would be lower activity, without stairs, and with a secure fenced in yard (no invisible fences please). If you are looking for a quiet, gentle and loving companion, Chente may be right for you! He would make a wonderful friend to a senior or retiree who isn't looking for a dog who needs a lot of training, stimulation or activity. 

Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.