Capulin ~ 6 Years Old - Shar-Pei Mix

Capulin is a sweet-as-sugar Shar-Pei mix who was rescued from a very heartbreaking and cruel situation where he experienced severe neglect and abuse. His humans, who never cared for or wanted him had let him starve until he began to suffer with severe malnutrition. In addition to failing to provide the most basic care, his body showed evidence of something even more sinister. Capulin was covered chemical in burns, and multiple knife wounds. Strangers who saw his suffering offered him food, but his body could no longer accept it, and he spent days lying down for lack of energy just waiting to die...until he was rescued by his Dog-Go Project family.Today, Capulin is a very quiet and affectionate dog. Despite how difficult his life has been, he remains a gentle and very grateful boy. He has a deep sense of loyalty to those who show him kindness. He is presently very low energy and is indifferent to other dogs so he could live in a home with or without other lower energy dogs who will respect his personal bubble as he will theirs.

Since being diagnosed with advanced kidney disease, Capulin simply needs a family to take care of him, who will follow his customized wellness plan, and give him the love that no one ever has ever offered him before. He needs a family who will include him in their daily activities, take him for gentle walks, and to play with him and show him how beautiful a dog's life can really be while supporting him on his palliative care journey. In exchange, K9 Crusaders will waive his adoption fee and will provide his food, medication, supplements and veterinary care at no cost to his family.

If you have a cat/critter free home, and would like to apply to be Capulin's palliative/compassionate care family, please do not hesitate to submit an application. While we are grateful our friends at Walnut Grove are taking such good care of him, our goal is to see this boy in a home environment, enjoying a quiet, life filled with couch cuddles and the one on one attention he longs for.