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Bunny~ Affenpinscher X ~ 6 Years

Meet Bunny!  

This unique looking girl is looking for an active home with or without other dogs. She is currently in a foster home with cats as well, without issue. While she could live happily with or without a canine companion, we feel she would benefit from having another dog for company when she is left alone as she does show signs of separation anxiety when left on her own. While she is not destructive, she does whine and become visibly upset, but much less so when she has another dog to help her feel at ease.

Bunny is not aggressive in any way, however she does have some areas of sensitivity to touch, particularly around her ears, and she may air snap as a warning to anyone who tries to touch her in that area. This is likely because they were painful upon her arrival, and although her ear issues have cleared up, she is still not comfortable with a lot of poking and prodding. She may required some calming meds when visiting the vet or dog groomer, and we do not recommend families with small children who may not recognize her boundaries.

Bunny is an avid walker, and she does have lots of energy to spare. Therefore a home with a fully secured yard with a wood or chain link fence to supplement her daily walks would be a great fit for her. In the house, she has excellent manners and is well housetrained and able to give clear signals when she needs to go outside.

Bunny is not mischievous and does not require a crate. She enjoys car rides and is very food motivated. She is currently eating high quality dry food with wet food often mixed in.  She will required regular grooming to keep her coat tidy.


Overall, Bunny is a sweet, affectionate girl who needs lots of opportunities for exercise, enjoys walking and exploring new sights, sounds and smells, but needs a family who can respect her personal space - particularly around her head area. An active retiree would be an amazing fit for our girl! 


Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served.  Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further.  

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