Bo ~ 1 Year ~ Mexi-Mix

Bo (Botitas) is a beautiful young dog who had a very difficult beginning in life. Found extremely malnourished on the streets of Mexico and suffering leg tremors, it was determined he had battled and survived having the Distemper virus. Although he has fully recovered, he does continue to have a slight twitch in one of his back legs but it does not cause him any pain or discomfort, and it does not hinder his mobility in any way.

Bo is a happy-go-lucky boy who loves socializing with other dogs. His ideal forever home would have at least one other dog he can pal around with. He is currently indifferent to cats, and enjoys the company of children who are respectful with him. Bo enjoys meeting new people and is quick to warm up and show affection however he can become overwhelmed with a lot of people and activity around him all at once, so a quieter home is likely going to suit him just fine.

Bo’s house training is coming along nicely, but as a young dog, he will need consistency as he continues to master this skill. He is comfortable in his crate at night and for short periods throughout the day if needed, however he shows no signs of destructive behavior or separation anxiety so it’s unlikely he will need to be crated in his forever home. His leash manners are excellent, and he does not pull. Unfortunately, Bo doesn’t do well on long car rides, as he does get an upset tummy. His overall energy level is low to medium, and he is happiest sharing couch cuddles or being close to the humans he trusts and loves.