Billie ~ 5 Years ~ Mexi-Mix

Billie's story is a little sad as she used to have a house and a family of her own, but they made the decision to abandon her in a park. Billie waited there for her family to return until somebody reported her to The Dog-Go Poject. When they got to her they found her with all of her belongings including her bed, toys, blanket, and bowls.

Billie is a beautiful and affectionate dog who enjoys playing with humans and dogs. She is independent and very well-mannered. When she gets excited she will jump up and down to express her joy and absolutely loves her toys. Are you a runner? She is too and would be the perfect running companion by day and a cuddly lap dog when the mood is a little more low-key.

Billie would thrive in a home with secured yard access where she can relax and play with her furry and human friends. She requires an active family who will help her stay in balance through appropriate exercise and stimulation as well as lots of love and her true happily-ever-after.