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Mr. Bean ~ 5 Years ~ Chihuahua

Meet Mr. Bean!  Small? Yes. Adorable? Clearly. Attitude? For days! A very typical Chi, Bean has some pretty firm boundaries, particularly when meeting new humans or animals. Slow and steady is key to winning his heart.


Currently Mr. Bean is sharing his foster space with other dogs. It took him several days to adjust to their company, but he has come around to accepting their existence in his world. Ideally, we do think he would prefer to be a solo dog, the king of his castle, or at most, sharing his forever home with one other calm dog who also appreciates personal space. Because of his need for slow, careful intros to anything new, we feel a home without children would be best suited to this little dude.

Bean is a champion walker on leash. He loves strutting his stuff down the sidewalk, but it is clear that in his past, he was taught that peepads were for potty time, and outside was just a cool place to be. His Foster Mum says she has made no progress in getting him to make the leap from indoor to outdoor bathroom breaks, but that he is in fact a master at using his peepads without fail. Another thing Bean has mastered is the art of being a "purse puppy". Again this must have been something learned in is former life, and he loves hopping into a cozy handbag to join his trusted human on an adventure. Bean is also a bit of a fashionista, and loves donning sweaters and outfits which only enhance his cuteness factor, and make people want to give him pets when they meet him out and about...but remember, Bean needs his bubble!

Make no mistake, once Mr. Bean has had time to build trust with his human, he becomes a cuddly and affectionate companion. He loves to play, is super food motivated and is happy to ride shotgun to go grab a coffee at Timmies anytime! It is obvious that he was once somoene's very best friend, and we think his perfect happily-ever-after would be to find a single person he can attach himself to and spend his days with. He does not like to be left alone, so someone who can bring him to work or who can work from home would be the dream for Beanie.

Bean has in the past been muzzled for nail trims, but his Foster Mum, who is also a professional dog groomer, showed us that is not necessary as long as it is done slowly and with lots of encouragement (see our TikTok or Instagram for proof!). 


Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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