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Banjo ~ 6 Years ~ Yorkshire Terrier

Meet Banjo! This happy, well socialized little fellow was surrendered to a high kill pound as he was marking in the house. Since joining the K9C family, he has been neutered and just like that, this issue has been resolved. His Foster Mom tells us that with a little effort of paying attention to his signals, he has had virtually no indoor accidents since his surgery.

Banjo is truly a dog's dog. He has not met one fellow canine he has not immediately befriended, no matter the shape, size, gender or age! He does however have a typical Terrier prey drive, and we would not recommend him for a family with cats or critters. This is also why it is very important to recognize that Banjo will always need to be leashed outdoors as he would give chase to squirrels without hesitation.

Banjo is fully crate trained and this is where he likes to eat his meals and enjoy his treats. He feels comfortable in there while his humans are out of the house and shows no signs of separation anxiety whatsoever. At nighttime however, he does want to be close to his people, preferring to cuddle up beside them in bed to sleep.

Banjo does show signs of some trauma related to raised voices. We are looking for a quieter home for him, and a family who will be patient and kind, giving him time to feel safe and secure before expecting affection. It doesn't take him long, but he will need that grace period to learn he is safe before he will show his true, wonderful personality.

Banjo was never walked on leash in his past life, so his leash skills were non-existent initially, but he is getting more and more comfortable with his walks each day. He truly enjoys exploring nature when outdoors, and when inside, he loves to watch the squirrels from the window and will bark out of excitement.

Banjo is really just a dog who loves to be loved, and we feel with the right family, he could adjust to just about any lifestyle as long as he was given a lot of support, encouragement and attention. He has truly embraced being an active participant in his foster family's daily life, and he will make a wonderful companion for someone who wants a canine companion to share their life and adventures with!

As a non-shedding dog, Banjo will be a great fit for a home with allergies, however it is important to ensure he receives professional grooming regularly to keep his coat healthy and mat-free.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further. Only applications received through our online form at will be considered.

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