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Angel ~ 5 Years ~ Shih Tzu

Meet Angel! This sweet, happy little girl survived her first 5 years of life as a puppy mill mama, before being released to rescue. She is now experiencing for the first time, what it means to be a beloved family member! Her Foster feels Angel could live happily on her own as a single dog, or with another quiet, lower energy dog. She is unsure of young children so a home with older kids, or kid-free would be most ideal for her. 

Angel is very close to being fully housetrained. At night she is comfortable in a pen with pee pads, and during the day, she is happy to go out into the yard to go to the bathroom, though she is not a big fan of the snow! Angel is well-mannered in the home, showing no signs of separation anxiety or destructive behaviour. Leash walks are new to her, but she is happy to go short distances, cautious but curious about the world around her. We think that once the weather warms ups, she will really hit her stride and begin to be more enthusiastic about her walks. 

Angel recently underwent dental surgery and had to have a number of teeth removed due to advanced oral health disease. She has healed well, but will require a soft diet for the rest of her life. She has not yet learned how to play with toys, and shows zero signs of possessive or resource guarding behaviors.

Angel is a very chill, independent dog who likes to spend a lot of her day just relaxing on her own. It may take her some time to feel safe and secure enough to become an integrated part of her new family. Given her history, this is to be expected, but given time, she will begin to understand her role in her new home.  A quiet couple or family who can give her a fenced yard where she can enjoy being outside in the warmer weather would suit her just fine.

As a non-shedding dog, Angel will be a great fit for a home with allergies, however it is important to ensure she receives professional grooming regularly to keep her coat tidy and mat-free.

Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those deemed to be a potential match will be contacted further. Only applications received through our online form at will be considered.

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